13 Most Harmful Ingredients To Avoid In Your Family’s Personal Care Products!

Many of the everyday personal care products your family uses may be doing great harm to your health! Personal care products contain certain chemicals that are hormone disruptors and cancer causing agents. Whatever you use on your skin or hair will be absorbed into your body and bloodstream. Skin absorption is an easy way for products to get into the body quickly, look at all the medicines that are now coming in a patch form. Here is list of hazardous chemicals to look for on the labels of your personal care products. FDA requires companies to list them in order of highest concentration first.
  1. DEA (Diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine). These are commonly found in shampoo, soap, bubble baths and facial cleansers and contain hormone disruptors that have been linked to a variety of cancers such as: liver and kidney.
  2. Phthalates and Parabens. Banned in Europe in 2003 but still used in U.S. These are preservatives commonly found in most skin and hair products, nail polish and pharmaceuticals. These have been found to be extremely carcinogenic and linked to breast cancer. BUY PARABEN FREE products.  
  3. FD&C Color Pigments. These are made from coal tar and are found to be carcinogenic. These products cause skin irritations and oxygen depletion in the blood. 
  4. Fragrance. Most fragrances are synthetic, very toxic, and cancer causing. Fragrances have been found to affect the central nervous system and are found in most shampoos, deodorants, sun tan lotion, and skin care products.
  5. Imidazolidinyl Urea & DMDM HydantoinThese are derivatives of formaldehydes that are used to preserve dead bodies. These chemicals are linked to allergies, chest pain, chronic fatigue, depression, dizziness, ear infections, headaches, joint pain, sleep disturbance, weakened immune system, asthma and cancer. 
  6. Isopropyl Alcohol. This chemical is used in many skin and hair care products as well as anti-freeze and shellac. This chemical has been shown to destroy intestinal flora, cause headaches, dizziness, mental depression, nausea, vomiting, and coma.  
  7. Mineral Oil. Mineral oil is a derivative of petroleum that coats the skin like Saran wrap and prevents the skin from breathing, absorbing and excreting. Mineral oil also slow’s cell development that can lead to aging. Baby oil is 100% mineral oil & bad for your baby’s skin! 
  8. Propylene Glycol. This chemical is the active ingredient in antifreeze and used in makeup, toothpaste and a high concentration is found in deodorants. Direct contact with this chemical causes brain, liver & kidney abnormalities. Workers have to use protective clothing and gloves when handling it, yet FDA says we can put it in our mouth.
  9. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These sulfates are the most toxic on the list and the most popular used in most makeup, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. When used in combination with other chemicals, they form a deadly class of carcinogens called nitrosamines. 
  10. Triclosan. This is a synthetic antibacterial ingredient used in soaps. EPA registers it as a highly toxic pesticide and is compared to Agent Orange. Triclosan disrupts hormones, can affect sexual function, fertility and may cause birth defects. It has also been linked to paralysis, brain hemorrhage, immune system depression and is widely used in antibacterial soaps, toothpaste and household cleaners. 
  11. Talc. This chemical has been linked to ovarian and testicular cancers and is used in many kid and adult powders, makeup and foundation.
  12. Petrolatum. This chemical is also a petroleum derivative that prevents the skin from breathing, absorbing and secreting and contains well-know carcinogens: Benzo-A-Pyrene and Benzo-B Fluroanthene.
  13. Lead, Titanium, Zirconium, Benzalkonium, Bismuth, Antimony (*1), Barium (*2), Aluminum, Tin, Chromium, Benzene & PCBs. Accumulation of these metals and chemicals in the body have been linked to breast cancer and other cancers, brain damage, DNA damage, and are extremely toxic.

Be smart when choosing skin care products for you and your family and READ THE LABELS for these hazardous chemicals! Buy all natural, paraben & petroleum free and organic products. Make sure you can pronounce and understand all of the ingredients contained in your products!

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