About Atlas Family Chiropractic

Atlas Family Chiropractic and has been serving patients in St Marys, Kingsland, Woodbine, Folkston, Hilliard, Yulee, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, and Brunswick since 2011 with exceptional corrective chiropractic care. We strive to provide the highest clinical expertise in a warm and caring environment. What sets us apart from everyone else is that we focus on finding and treating the root cause of your health condition so that you can heal naturally and it does not keep coming back. Imagine going to a doctor that does not just prescribe a pill and send you home. Our office strives to find the underlying cause of your health condition and get you back on the road to health! How do we get the results we get? We specialize in structural correction of the spine, specifically the upper cervical region of the spine, which is the most complex and vulnerable area and is affected by all types of injuries. This is the area where our brain stem and spinal cord meet, and misalignments here can compromise communication between the brain and all of our nerves to the rest of the body. Our technique utilizes a three-dimensional x-ray analysis and a thorough chiropractic examination. Our adjustments are gentle and specific with no popping or cracking of the spine. Our doctor has advanced training in the Grostic, Atlas Orthogonal, Orthospinology and Activator chiropractic procedures.

We are proud to serve Camden, Nassau & Glynn Counties with our unique, gentle, and precise technique. Come in and sit down with the doctor for a free consultation, this is only a conversation with the doctor and not an examination. Contact us here.

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