Are Your Kids Athletes? Chiropractic Can Help!

School is back and more and more kids are getting involved in various sports and are starting out at much younger ages. Kids that play sports receive many benefits such as increased endurance, flexibility, strength, confidence and more; however, it also puts them at risk for injury that could affect them later in life. Sports puts high demand and stress on the developing structures in young athletes. Regular chiropractic care plays a critical role in minimizing risk for injury, helps the body to recover and heal faster, and allows young athletes to perform at their highest levels. A study of athletes in The Journal of Chiropractic Research concluded that athletes that were under chiropractic care for a duration of 12 weeks exhibited 30% improvement in reaction time,  verses a group that did not receive chiropractic care. Here are benefits that chiropractic care can provide to athletes of all ages:

Benefits of chiropractic for young athletes:

  • Fixes Asymmetry. Many injuries happen when the spine is misaligned and the body is unbalanced.
  • Increases Range of Motion. Realigning the spine and adjusting extremities, can increase range of motion and decrease muscle spasm and cramps.
  • Promotes Fast Healing. Misalignments throughout the body slow down the healing process; chiropractic speeds up the recovery process of injuries.
  • Reduces Risk For Injury. Young athletes under chiropractic care are performing on balanced structural frames and are less likely to get injured.
Chiropractic is a great wellness care for young athletes that can keep them healthy during the demanding sport seasons. Chiropractic care maximizes recovery and helps keep your child’s body balanced and healthy. We focus primarily on the spine, but we see many concussions, injuries to the hip, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow and rotator issues. Utilize chiropractor for the athletes in your family!

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