Chiropractic Adjustments and Children

What is Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS)?

TBS is a condition where there has been stress and injury to the infant’s head, neck, or spine during or after the birth process causing nervous system damage and interference that can lead to more health problems in the future. The birth process is very traumatic for both mother and baby. Many births around the world, mothers are delivering babies in upright positions but most births in the United States occur with the mother laying on her back pushing and the doctor is at the other end pulling. This condition may be more convenient for the doctor to monitor mother and baby but it is not beneficial for the mother’s comfort and the health of the infant. When a mother lays on her back, she is not only pushing against gravity but the infant may be putting pressure on vital blood vessels that could decrease oxygen and blood flow to the baby, put pressure on nerves, and put pressure on her tailbone and pelvic bones causing more painful contractions. Studies show that laying on the back during labor decreases the size of the pelvic outlet during delivery, which can create a more difficult delivery. This causes the mother to have to push harder during the delivery process, which can result in an increase of tearing and also more pressure applied the head and neck of the baby.

TBS can occur from the following:

  • The infant’s head, neck, or any other part of the body has been pulled and twisted during the birth process
  • The birth process was prolonged
  • The mother had to push with more force
  • The delivery process was difficult for the mother or baby
  • Instruments were used to aid in the birth process such as forceps or vacuum
  • The child was delivered by a Caesarian section ( the pull on the baby’s head and neck may be considerably greater than coming through the canal)

TBS can be detrimental to the development of the newborn baby. It can cause failure to thrive, colic, trouble sleeping, upset stomach and constipation, latching issues, muscle spasms, and more. TBS can also lead to health conditions later on in life like chronic ear infections, allergies, asthma, headaches, etc. It is important for babies to be checked after birth for any nervous system damage or injuries by a chiropractor trained in pediatrics. Pediatric chiropractic is gentle and when the interference in the baby’s nervous system is removed, the healing process begins and allows the baby to develop optimally.

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