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Chiropractic & Ear Infections In Children!

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According to The Centers for Disease Control, a majority of ear infections in children are not bacterial; however, many children are put on antibiotics to treat them. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the watch-and-wait approach to ear infections. This is because evidence-based research has shown that antibiotics are not only ineffective for treating ear infections, but using them can actually lead to recurring ear infections in your child. More and more parents are bringing their children to chiropractors when they have ear infections or when they are sick. Chiropractic is not intended to treat the sick child or the ear infections; however, chiropractic restores the proper function in the nervous system for the child to heal quicker. In many cases, ear infections may resolve quickly. Children with ear infections or chronic infections may have had some underlying trauma to the spine during the birth process or during infancy, such as falls or bumps. Evidence shows that children under chiropractic care are sick less, have less injuries, and are healthier overall. Pediatric chiropractic in our office is very gentle, there is no popping or cracking. We restore proper function to your child’s spine so that they can function optimally.

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