Effects Of Chiropractic Care On Kids With Learning & Behavioral Problems!

More and more children are being diagnosed with learning and behavioral disorders, with one of the most common treatments being medication. On the American Psychological Association (APA) website, it reported that medications are being prescribed at an alarmingly increasing rate and research showed that a psychological intervention has proven more effective than medication alone. The APA stated that medication may be necessary in severe cases but recommended that parents consider all treatment options for the child. A balanced diet high in vegetables and low in sugar and processed foods, regular exercise, and chiropractic care are great additions to any treatment plan for kids with behavioral problems. A chiropractic case study conducted by Walton and Brzozowski concluded that chiropractic care showed positive effects on kids with learning and behavioral impairments. “The effects of chiropractic treatment on children with learning and behavioral problems was investigated with 24 elementary and secondary level students, 12 receiving regular chiropractic treatment and 12 receiving medication. Results indicated that chiropractic treatment was more effective for the wide range symptoms common in the neurological dysfunction syndrome in which the following symptom areas were identified: attention span, hyperactivity, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, verbal output performance, writing output performance, following instructions, hand-eye coordination, overall coordination, effort, emotional maturity, behavior, and self-confidence.” Children not only saw improvements in learning and behavior, but were able to get off of their medications. A brief description of some of the clinical cases can be found on the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association website provided below: 


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