Simple Ways to Overcome Stress!

Stress can have a huge impact on one’s quality of life and cause a deterioration in health leading to chronic diseases. Here are very simple ways to decrease stress in your life:

  • ONE TASK AT A TIME. Many of us have too many things on our To Do list that it becomes overwhelming & the stress prevents us from accomplishing anything. Focus on one task at a time and remove any distractions such as phone or email notifications when working on each task. With practice, you can start minimizing your ToDo list.
  • SIMPLIFY YOUR SCHEDULEMany of us make too many commitments. Learn to say NO and only commit to things that are beneficial to you. 
  • GET MOVING. Do something active each day, even if you just take a 20 to 30 minute walk at lunchtime.
  • DEVELOP ONE HEALTHY HABIT THIS MONTH. Many people decide that they are going to get healthy and they try to make too many changes in one’s life at once. This can be overwhelming and can cause burn out. Incorporate healthy habits one at a time, such as, switch from soda to water at each meal this month.
  • DO SOMETHING CALMING. Take a nap, a bath, or any activity that calms you. Find something that calms you each day.
  • SIMPLIFY YOUR FINANCESA lot of stress can come from finances. Automate your bills each month so you do not constantly think of them. Find ways to spend less & find fun activities that cost little to no money. 
  • TRY TO BE EARLY TO PLACESIt can be stressful when you are running late. Try waking up earlier or schedule commitments further apart from each other so you have plenty of time to arrive places.
  • DECLUTTER. Declutter your workspace, car, and home so that you have a calm environment to work in. Take a few minutes each day to get rid of things you do not need, are not using or that you have finished. When our environment is cluttered, it can be overwhelming for the mind.
Eliminating stress is not easy but taking the right steps can help your life calm down!

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