What Our Patients Are Saying

My daughter suffered from chronic headaches for years. I took her to Specific Chiropractic and with once visit with Dr. Whitehouse, she (more…)

Tamara Migraines

Dr. Brandi is a great doctor who is gentle and kind. She helped me feel so much better and for that I’m forever grateful! I was having (more…)

Jen Difficulty Breathing

I have been having cluster headaches for over a year. They have been escalating from once a month to 2-3 times a week. (more…)

Marie Cluster Headaches

We had been to several specialists and doctors and all they want to give is medication for my son’s constipation. Since he has been (more…)

Randi Constipation

With all my years of horrible dust allergies I thought FOR SURE I would be miserable spring cleaning this year. To my surprise (more…)

Whitney Dust Allergies

I have seen drastic changes since I received a Structural Correction at Specific Chiropractic. I now have HOPE, HAPPINESS, and my (more…)


Dr. Whitehouse took such great care of me when I was having back problems. She is so wonderful and caring. I am a (more…)

Penny Low Back Pain & Fibromyalgia

Don’t know if I will ever NOT be amazed! Jeremiah woke up pulling on his left ear, brought him to Specific Chiropractic and sure (more…)

Trina Ear & Eye Issues

I went to see orthopedics in Jax…had physical therapy…and injections in my lower spine…I am here to tell you I no longer live in (more…)

Denise Severe Back Pain

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