Dr. Brandi is a great doctor who is gentle and kind. She helped me feel so much better and for that I’m forever grateful! I was having a hard time taking a deep breath for months. I had been working on it with yoga and deep breathing exercises. Doctors even told me it was anxiety but I felt it was something physical that I couldn’t put my finger on. Although yoga and breathing exercises helped, I still was concerned why I couldn’t take a deep breath. Dr. Brandi adjusted me and that afternoon I was able to take the deepest breaths! She told me I had some ribs “out” as well as my head was naturally a little tilted. I wasn’t aware of this! Through her very detailed exam and X-rays she knew just what to do! She was extremely professional in her exam. I plan to continue going to Specific Chiriproctic. I’m so glad she is in St Mary’s. My children have joined me for well visit adjustments as well. Her patience and gentle attention to detail has my children relaxed and open to healing with Dr Brandi.