Text Neck – The Next Epidemic!

Your head weighs 10 to 12 pounds, as much as a bowling ball. Bending your head forward to text on your phone or play on the computer puts a lot of unwanted stress on your neck and cervical curve. The force exerted on the neck from looking down while texting can get up to 60 pounds and can lead to a loss of the spinal curve, neck pain, back pain, muscle spasm, early degeneration and wear and tear on the muscles, ligaments and bones in the cervical spine. USA Today called “Text Neck” the next epidemic. As you look around, it is unmistakable how many of us use our phones on a consistent basis and we also see young children on phones and iPads playing games. Teenagers and kids that use technology on a regular basis will end up with chronic neck conditions earlier in life if they do not learn to modify their posture when using these devices. When you are using phones and computers try bringing them up to eye level. Bringing the phone and computer up to eye level will prevent you from looking down or slumping in a chair that can lead to stress in the neck and back, forward head posture or humps in the back. Try sitting up straight in your chair, placing technology devices at eye level, take frequent breaks, and do posture exercises by bringing your shoulders back. 

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