The Benefits of Gratitude & How It Can Change Your Life!

Do you want more from your life? Happiness, better relationships, improved health, more opportunities, longevity?

Research studies have shown that writing in a gratitude journal just 5 minutes a day improved overall long-term well-being by more than 10%. Here is a list of reasons why writing a few minutes a day in a gratitude journal reflecting on what you are grateful for can change your life for the better:

  • Gratitude increases happiness in one’s life.
  • Gratitude increases your likeliness. Gratitude makes us more appreciated, more compassionate and more trusting.
  • Gratitude improves overall health. Studies showed that those who kept a gratitude journal spent 19% more time exercising, had 25% increased sleep quality, had 16% fewer symptoms, showed a 30% decrease in depression, had decreased blood pressure and some believe that it can extend one’s lifespan by a few months to years.
  • Gratitude can improve one’s career. Gratitude was shown to help a person network more, increase productivity and decision making abilities, increase effectiveness and gain more mentors.
  • Gratitude improves and strengthens our emotions. Gratitude improves feelings and enables one to bounce back from stress much faster.
  • Gratitude makes a person more optimistic. 
  • Gratitude reduces a sense of materialism. One focuses more on the things that matter most, like family.
  • Gratitude increases spiritualism. Gratitude is a virtue in all religions.
  • Gratitude increases self-esteem.
  • Gratitude improves marriages and relationships.
  • Gratitude improves sleep. It reduces the time required to fall asleep and helps with insomnia.
  • Gratitude increases energy levels and helps you live longer!

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