The Importance of Sleep on the Brain!

Getting enough sleep helps us function better overall but there is a much more important reason for getting enough sleep. When we go to sleep, the cells in the brain shrink to make space to allow the cerebrospinal fluid to rush through and eliminate waste; the brain goes into a cleaning mode. This plumbing system in the brain is called the “GLYMPHATIC SYSTEM.” The National Institute of Health showed in a study that the rate of removal of Amyloid Beta Proteins (proteins linked to Alzheimers) when a person is awake verses when a person is asleep was much more rapid in the sleeping brain. A good night sleep is imperative to clean the brain of harmful toxins that may lead to chronic degenerative diseases in the future. Additionally, getting ample sleep also improves concentration, memory formation, improves the ability to make informed decisions & you will look much more attractive!

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