The Power of Positive Thinking on Your Health!

Many of us have heard about the “Placebo effect,” which is healing that is induced by people believing they are getting better from a new drug or surgery when in fact they are receiving a fake treatment. The Placebo effect has demonstrated to be real and has been shown to dilate bronchi in asthma patients, reduce blood pressure, heal ulcers, etc. Positive thinking actually changes brain waves from a higher frequency that is related to anxiety and stress to a much lower frequency associated with relaxation, alertness, focus, happiness and awareness. Clinical studies have discovered that the same mind-body power that can heal the body, can do harm to your health, this is called the “Nocebo effect.” In clinical trials when patients were warned about possible side effects of taking the drug, about 25% of them experienced these side effects, even if they were only receiving sugar pills. Psychology Today stated that, “The mere suggestion that a person may experience negative symptoms in response to a medication can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.” One example was when a group of patients were given saline solution and told that they were receiving chemotherapy, some actually experienced throwing up and losing their hair.

Lissa Rankin, M.D. stated that when patients are told they have an “incurable disease,” “have a 5% chance of survival,” or that they will “be on medication for the rest of their life,” this can be like a curse that can cause loss of hope and result in a faster decline in one’s health. The problem is, that when a person believes they are incurable, this belief becomes instilled in the subconscious and prevents the person from healing. “If you believe you will never recover, then you won’t.”

If you or someone you know has been told that they have a “chronic,” “incurable,” or “terminal” illness, it is SO important to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and replace these negative thoughts with positive beliefs and hopes in the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms that can enable a person to heal. The power of the mind has been shown to improve health and quality of life and in some cases defeat terminal and incurable illnesses. Activate the self healing powers of your body from switching negative thoughts into positive thoughts!

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