Tips for Longevity by Those Living to 100!

Through current research and interviews with centenarians, here are a few ways that can extend your life longevity:

  • Find Reasons to Laugh. Laughter is considered an important part of life and increases longevity.
  • Find a Life Purpose. This purpose may often be centered around spending time with and supporting a family.
  • Go Nuts. Nut-eaters had a 39% lower risk of premature death, walnut eaters had a 45% lower risk of early death.
  • Walk a Lot. The longest living person documented at 123 years stated that he owes his longevity from walking a lot for regular exercise with his animals.
  • Be Happy. People who were the happiest and had positive outlooks lived longer than those who were negative.
  • Put Down the Takeout Menu. People who cooked at home at least 5 times a week were 47% more likely to be alive after a decade.
  • Practice Yoga. A 95 year-old yoga instructor credits her long study of yoga to her longer and happier life. Yoga reduces anxiety and stress and increases balance and flexibility. Our very own Yoga and More in Kingsland has many great yoga classes.
  • Be Optimistic. People with a positive outlook on life, optimistic, and easygoing tend to live longer.
  • Go Vegetarian. In the Journal of American Medical Association, there was a 12% lower risk of premature death in vegetarians over meat-eaters.
  • Go Mediterranean Diet. Elderly who ate a Mediterranean diet consisting of rich olive oil, fish, and produce had an increased life span.
  • Eat Your Fiber. Consuming lots of fiber especially from whole grains can help prevent early heart disease, respiratory illness, infections, and death from cancer in men and women.
  • Go to Church. Being in a religious community reduces stress and gives meaning to your life.
  • Get Fishy. Harvard School of Public Health found that people with the highest Omega 3s in their blood had longer lifespans.
  • Help Someone Out. University of Michigan showed that people who volunteered their time to help others had longer life spans.
  • Get Enough Sleep. Studies showed that men who got less than 6 hours of sleep a night were 4 times more likely to die prematurely. On the other hand, people who slept longer than 9 hours a night, had a 30% higher chance of premature death.
  • Get a Pet. Research has shown that pet owners tend to live longer than pet-less peers.
  • Eat Less. Restricting calories. eating until 80% full, and never overeating is why the Okinawan population has such a large number of centenarians.
  • Use your Brain. Keeping the brain actively engaged in games and intellectual stimulation has been shown to increase life span.

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