Week 10: Add More Spice To Your Life!

People have been using spices medicinally for thousands of years and for good reason. Science continues to uncover the power of spices and herbs as weapons against chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. In countries that use spices by the handful, such as India, heart disease and cancer rates are very low. Science has yet to state that spices cure disease; however, there is lots of evidence that they can help protect against and prevent disease, and manage chronic illnesses. Cooking with various spices also helps prevent seasoning food with less healthy substances such as: salt, sugar, or butter. 

Here is a list of some of the healthiest spices:

  • SAGE. Goes well with sweet potatoes, squashes and roast chicken. Early studies suggest that sage relieved early signs of Alzheimer’s and was shown to improve memory and mood in college students.
  • ROSEMARYGoes well with potatoes and meat marinades. Studies showed that rosemary enhances mental focus and fights food-borne bacteria when used to cook meats.
  • TURMERIC. Used in curries, scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables, rice and soups. Turmeric is a potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation, alleviates arthritis, inhibits tumor growth and may manage heart disease and diabetes.
  • CHILE POWDER. Used in soups, vegetable dishes and with meats. Boosts metabolism, cools the body in hot temperatures and may lower risk for ulcers.
  • GINGERUsed in stir-fry, sauces and marinades, sounds and teas. Ginger alleviates upset stomaches, arthritis pain, reduces nausea and may have potent cancer-fighting qualities.
  • CINNAMON. Used in desserts, coffee, teas, vegetables, oatmeal and granola. Cinnamon has shown to help stabilize blood sugar and relieve indigestion.
  • PARSLEY. Goes well with rice dishes, meats, salads, pasta and more. Parsley has been shown to prevent cancer and inhibit cell growth in breast cancer.

Add spices and herbs to your food for powerful health benefits and to help protect you from chronic diseases!

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