Week 5: Get Moving!

Now that you are drinking more watergetting plenty of sleeptaking at least 15 minutes out of each day to clear your mind and meditate and keeping a food journal, it is time to GET MOVING! I am not saying to go out there and join a gym or fitness club or buy expensive equipment to work out with, (you can join a gym if that helps) you have all you need to get more movement into your life; two feet. Exercise NEEDS to be a MUST if you want long term health and to remain active for years to come! Stop trying to fit it into your schedule, just put it in there. Watching TV or playing video games should be the item that is hard to fit into your schedule. Exercise is needed to maintain a healthy heart, healthy lungs, healthy bones to prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia, strong muscles, improves immune function, decreases stress, improves anxiety & depression,  and most importantly a healthy brain. Did you know that clinical studies found that walking 5 to 6 miles a week reduced Alzheimer’s risk by 50% and improved overall brain health! Walking is the preferred treatment to prevent further bone density loss from osteoporosis. You cannot afford not to exercise. Here are some ways to get motivated and stay motivated to exercise. 
Ways To Get Motivated To Exercise:
  1. FIRST THINK OF EXERCISE AS A MUST. If you have to start with 15 minutes that is OK, but add it to your daily schedule! You can even take a walk on your lunch break.
  2. CREATE SITUATIONS WHERE YOU HAVE TO WALK. Quit looking for a close parking spot, park further away and walk, use the stairs rather than an elevator, walk every isle in the grocery or retail store, or take a walk break at work with co-workers. 
  3. WORK TOWARDS A GOAL. Get in shape for a certain event, like a vacation or a wedding. Treat yourself after you reach small goals such as: increasing time or distance and get a massage, a nice dinner out, or new clothes. Write down your goals so that you can see them and start small and work your way up. Many people fail because their goals are too much for them.
  4. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Whether you write down what you do each day or track it online, seeing progress keeps a person motivated.
  5. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP. If you miss a day or two, it is not the end of the world and just get back into it. Also, don’t compare yourself to everyone else, focus on yourself and where you are at. Everyone had to start somewhere. Fit people did not wake up fit, they work hard to get where they are.
  6. GET A WORKOUT BUDDY OR JOIN A GROUP. The best motivation is find someone where you can keep each other accountable or join a group. When we have someone holding us accountable, it makes us more likely to get out there and exercise.
We have created a Facebook page called Get Moving Camden, https://www.facebook.com/groups/944591522243885/We want this page available for people to be able to find groups to meet up with or fitness events to get more active and more involved. Please share it with others you think may be interested. Would be great to see groups meeting up all over Camden to get MOVING! Please no product selling on this page, this will be a page to meet other people wanting the same thing and to keep up on upcoming fitness events! 

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