What Happens In Your Body When You Drink Soda?

Drinking soft drinks has been linked to obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, elevated blood pressure, kidney damage, reproductive issues, certain cancers, and dissolved tooth enamel. A study conducted by an epidemiologist showed a 48% increase in heart attacks and strokes in people who drank soft drinks over people who did not. When a person, drinks a soft drink, there are many changes that happen in the body. Studies showed that drinking sugary soft drinks can lead to cognitive and memory impairment, especially in adolescents. A UCLA study showed that consuming excessive amounts of sugar reduces the production of a substance called brain-derived neurotrophic factor that is used to form new memories. The carbonation in drinks can cause excessive bloating, gas, cramping and can exacerbate the effects of irritate bowel syndrome. Even an increase of cases of asthma and COPD have been linked to excessive soda consumption. Studies suggest that it is the preservative, sodium benzoate that directly affects the lungs. It increases the amount of sodium in the body and decreases the amount of available potassium which has been shown to lead to asthma and eczema. Studies have linked excessive soda drinking to osteoporosis and bone density loss most likely due to the phosphoric acid it contains.

If your an excessive soda drinker, chances are you’re addicted to it. Suggestions given from a former one-a-day can drinker and writer stated that the best way to quit is cold turkey and just remember the withdrawal effects will only last a few days!

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