What You Should Know About Detoxing!

Many people are looking for a quick way to lose weight and turn to Detox Programs that sell hundreds of dollars in products to promote detoxification. There is no one product or products that will help you lose weight permanently. A detox plan through a balanced and nutritional diet can have many positive side effects, but this is more likely due to incorporating healthier eating habits, rather than any specific “cleansing” process. There are many different Detox programs out there that range from taking certain supplements, extreme vegetable and juice fasting, colon cleansing, water fasts, powders, bars and more.  Many people get on these programs to lose weight quickly but the real purpose of detoxification is to get rid of the toxins, chemicals and impurities in the body to help improve overall health. Your body has the most efficient cleansing and detoxifying system consisting of a liver, kidneys, and a lymphatic system. 

Detoxing through a balanced and nutritional diet that includes plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods and that eliminate refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and trans fats has many positive side effects such as getting rid of bloating, improving health of the skin, and eliminating digestive problems. People who have had success with detoxing have reported increased energy levels and overall clearer mind function. Detox plans that are balanced may have you eating whole grains and vast amounts of leafy green vegetables, raw nuts and fermented dairy as well as drinking plenty of water and herbal teas.” Detox diets that require types of fasting or calorie restriction usually cause you to lose weight too quickly and may result in losing lean muscle mass. Usually the weight lost on these types of programs return quickly after the detox is over. Juice cleanses and the “Master Cleanse” (consuming nothing but a mixture of lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for 10 days) may lead to nutritional deficiencies and serious symptoms including low blood pressure, decreased muscle function, and a loss of electrolytes that help regulate hydration and heartbeat.”  Some detox programs that include taking products or that are caloric restrictive may cause adverse reaction in people with medical conditions, pregnant or elderly. There is no quick and permanent way to lose weight. Many people who go through detox programs to lose weight quickly, gain back not only the weight they lost, but some additional pounds along with it. The only way to lose weight effectively and keep it off is through changing one’s eating habits, lifestyle choices and staying active!

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